An image of Alessandra Vinotto at Breed Art Studios

Breed Art studios is a contemporary art and multimedia production centre located in Amsterdam-Noord.

A few steps from the Noord metro station, the space founded in November 2014 by director Luca Rezzolla, takes its name from the Het Breed neighbourhood in Amsterdam Noord, where it is located on the corner of a building of the brutalist Plan van Gool complex, designed by architect Frans van Gool in 1968.

It is a large, very bright white cube measuring 7x8x6 m, suitable for hosting exhibitions and cultural events, but also performances, workshops, photo shootings, concerts, presentations and cutting-edge concepts. It is a location with an underground charm, a laboratory of experimentation and cultural innovation, which above all has the intention of offering the public an art experience that can broaden the vision.

Best Place to find Art and events in Amsterdam Noord

The exhibition space is part of an apartment atelier which also houses an audio recording studio and two rooms for artists in residence.

If you’re in Amsterdam and don’t know what to see, art lover or not, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Breed Art Studios!

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    Stefano Bonacci, Italy. “With my works I try to offer the viewer the opportunity of a direct, immediate visual experience, a unique experience that imposes itself

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    MARTYN LAST & HENK WIJNEN, the Netherlands. Till Sat 12-12-2015 Wen/Sat 12.00 18.00hrs   OPENING Friday 13th November 17:00 20:00 hrs 18:30 hrs “Alla ricerca del

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    Senza Titolo

    Bruno Anitori  Bruno Anitori (born in Cannes, France, 1977), lives in Italy near Perugia. For many years he works as assistant to Jannis Kounellis, master of Arte

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    Ciao Martyn

    We would like to remind you that the last Exhibition of Martyn Last is open till Wednesday 14th October. Don’t miss it! A collage of the

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    Strom und Boden

    Esther Burger (DE) & Suzanne de Graaf  (NL) OPENING Fri 11-09-2015 17:00-20:00 hrs Till Saturday 10-10-2015. Wed to Sat 12:00/18:00hrs Esther and Suzanne already found

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