Bernadette Beunk, Jacob Kleyn: UNIVERSETAAL

UNIVERSETAAL at Breed Art Studios

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Bernadette Beunk | Jacob Kleyn

Bernadette Beunk - Jacob Kleyn UNIVERSETAAL at Breed Art StudiosMar 30 | May 4 2019
curated by Luca Rezzolla

OPENING Saturday March 30 5/9 pm
Breed Art Studios

Het Laagt 178 1025GL Amsterdam

OPEN Thu – Fri – Sat 1/6pm

UniverseTaal is not an English or Dutch word

it sounds as cosmopolitan as Amsterdam and symbolizes the need for a Universal Art Language that speaks words, not only numbers, and does not adapt to geo-political and economical needs. UniverseTaal will show you works (drawings, paintings and prints) deeply related to the human universe. 

Bernadette and Jacob live and work in Amsterdam-Noord, but they speak a universal language

I am Bernadette Beunk and this is my work

Or rather… you’re looking at my life.

In my case my life and my art are unbreakably intertwined.

I don’t portray any recognizable images. That’s exactly why I’m always asked for explanations or one or two clarifying paragraphs.

But my explanation is not more valuable than yours.

The true and real interpretations begin to happen as soon as you start viewing.

You’re a master in art history… or quite the contrary… you are at the top of your vigor… or just a bit absorbed… that’s where the space is. 

I give you all the space.

I graduated in 1987 at the AKI, Art Academy in Enschede, the Netherlands.Eversince I never stopped creating drawings and paintings. I am happy to show my paintings here at the Breed Art Studios.
They are shown publicly for the first time.

The digital art magazine Mister Motley* published an inspiring article on my work, written by Alex de Vries. 

Let me know if my work is to your taste!


Jacob Kleyn:

My work is about people, their relationship to themselves, to each other and the environment. It’s about the tension / voltage line between them. 

As an artist, I want to penetrate deep into the soul, the essence of being human. 

So my work could touch the viewers in their spirit. I first start with myself, keeping integrity, staying close to my own being, and descending deeply into my own self. In my works I express this in a simple way, using different materials. 

The work connects the personal emotional existential ‘condition’ with the humanitarian conditions in the World. The Simplicity which I pursue by using subtle drawing lines contributes to approaching the core content and, as a result, touches the empathy feeling closer and more intensely.


Photos Luca Rezzolla

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