Shoot-ex: Photo exhibition in Amsterdam-Noord

Poster of Art exhibition Shoot-ex Breed Art Studios

Breed Art Foundation presents:


A reflection on (photo)shooting experiments

The photo can be an instrument to capture reality, but what happens if we do not like what we see?
In a time where shootings become more and more usual in media communication worldwide, Shoot-ex is an exhibition focused on the unusual (photo)shootings, the experiments.
Ten international artists are invited to show old and new photo artworks, based on their curiosity to explore different techniques.

Stefano Bonacci, Federico Bonelli, Attilio Brancaccio, Francesco Candeloro, Zachary Formwalt, Edland Man, Monica Ragazzini, Tatjana Todorovic, Virginia Monteverde, Went & Navarro

will fill Breed Art Studios’ white cube with their (photo)shooting experiments, created using various processes, such as long exposure, overexposure, darkroom and digital manipulation.

The Opening will take place on Saturday, May 28 at Breed Art Studios,

Het Laagt 178, Amsterdam, from 5 pm till 8 pm.

Shoot-ex, curated by Luca Rezzolla,

will be on display till Saturday, July 9 2022

opening hours: Thu | Fri | Sat 2 pm- 6 pm

Shoot-ex panorama

Monica Ragazzini
‘Piazza Affari’ – Passante

Flatbed inkjet print on mirror, 2014, variable size x 59 H
Ed 1 + 3 a.p.

The ‘Piazza Affari’ series consists of anonymous portraits of businessmen photographed on the street without them being aware of it during their lunch break in the centre of Milan.
The city famous for fashion but also as a centre of business is reflected in the movements and faces of these men.

Francesco Candeloro
“The Times of the Light” ed. 1/7

The photographic works are printed using the lambda process. They are night shots with a one-minute aperture so that moonlight or artificial light found at the location processes the image.
From up left: “Ostia”, 2012,  “Venezia – V2”, 2012 “Croazia”, 2012, “Lagosta”, 2012 “Libano”, 2011, “Venezia – V1”, 2008

Attilio Brancaccio
“The Voodoo’s Gang” Photograms, 2011-2014

Photogram:  a photographic image made without a camera, placing objects onto the surface of a light-sensitive material, and then exposing it to light.

Virginia Monteverde “Transfer #1”, 2022, Shoot-ex Breed Art Studios Amsterdam 2022

Virginia Monteverde
“Transfer #1”,  2022

TV screen shot with a Smartphone. A subsequent controlled long exposure creates the transfer effect of bodies in space.
Fine art print mounted on Dibond.

Edland Man “Naomi”, 1993, Shoot-ex Breed Art Studios Amsterdam 2022

Edland Man
“Naomi”, 1993

Photo shot on negative film transferred to graphic film printed b/w and painted on print.

Stefano Bonacci “Dipingere con la luce”, 2006, Shoot-ex Breed Art Studios Amsterdam 2022

Stefano Bonacci
“Dipingere con la luce”, 2006.

Made in the darkroom by exposing the photographic paper directly to the enlarger’s light while covering it with masks at various times.

Zachary Formwalt
Unsupported Transit

(after Étienne-Jules Marey), 2011

Two composite photographs, each made up of over 2000 photographs taken on the construction site of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Tatjana Todorovic
Lilium, 2013, Parrots are back …, 2014

Angel hours – 2017, A night walk – 2015

Tatjana uses blurs which she achieved with ‘out of focus’ and ‘long exposure’ techniques.
In her works, they represent an ethereal nature of the world as well as a way of communication with the viewer. 

Federico Bonelli
EPQ – the door to the desert – protoquadro

generative software on photographic material 2022, ed. 1

The original shots are mixed using a deterministic algorithm. While remaining similar to itself, the picture is constantly changing in unpredictable ways. Every look will fall on a unique and unrepeatable configuration. The shots were taken in the spring of 2022 between the north of France and the beach of Alassio in Liguria.

“On the grain of a closed door, as if hung up and constantly scratched away, random and unconscious moments flow in the sunset of
an obsolete civilization. The door stays closed.”

Went & Navarro are imagemakers. With their commissioned as well as their non-commissioned work, there is always an ongoing search and longing for materiality and tactility in the image. You could say their playground is the gap or overlap between image and object; both analog and digital as well.

Wet Plate Collodion Photography
In October 2011 they started The Tintype Studio, a hands-on photography project, using the Wet Plate Collodion technique (from around 1850). It was not intended as so, but this seems to create the perfect balance between their (mostly) digital work and their designer fascination for the material object. What started as Arjen Went’s awkward fascination, has now become an ongoing project that encourages them to make images AS objects. 

Next to that Manon Navarro moved more to handcrafts and skills. She educated herself in printmaking, specifically direct printing techniques like blueprinting resulting in so-called cyanotypes. Working on XL cyanotypes for the last three years, making photograms of existing objects (flowers, plants and so on), she‘s now in the search for more abstract, layered and folded shapes. Now the chemical part of blueprinting is under ‘control’ it is interesting how she manipulates shades of blues so they’ll become more deteriorated (Bluefilter series). At this point, she is more attracted by abstract and graphic subjects referring to nature rather than existing subjects from nature itself.

Opening Shoot-ex

Photos Luca Rezzolla, Edland Man

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