Breed Art Foundation


Breed Art Foundation is a non-profit organisation born in January 2017

to support the activities of the exhibition space Breed Art Studios (already active since November 2014), in particular to give independent artists the opportunity to exhibit.


Tatjana Todorovic (RS/IT): chairperson
Ronald H Kruger (NL): treasurer
Kitty Doomernik (NL): secretary
Petar Kapralov (BG/NL): board member

Artistic director:

Luca Rezzolla (IT)

Breed Art Foundation disposes of a very bright presentation space (Breed Art Studios) in the form of a neutral white cube (7x8x6m), in a corner building in the extremely brutalist complex designed by architect Frans van Gool in 1968, the Plan van Gool in Amsterdam-North. It is mainly a social housing neighbourhood with a highly differentiated group of residents. The international character of this environment is one of our sources of inspiration. The space is part of an atelier apartment that also houses a sound studio and two rooms for artists.


Breed Art Foundation organises an intensive program of cultural activities focused on presenting Dutch and international artists who stand out for their commitment to research and innovative attitude towards art production, installation and performance.


We choose artists with an original, independent and refreshing perspective. This approach suits the special location – the Atelier house in Plan Van Gool, which is a municipal architectural monument.
This place calls for innovation and experimentation; for art that expands the mind.
We look for a combination of artists, both beginning and advanced, with diverse, sometimes opposing starting points.
It’s about seeking friction and innovation that creates interesting interactions and keeps the audience engaged.

We also focus on international cooperation: foreign artists exhibit at Breed Art Studios and for Dutch artists we mediate their participation in exhibitions abroad, including the Biennale >“Le Latitudini dell’Arte” Italy-Netherlands at Palazzo Ducale, Genoa in 2019, presented with the return round at Pulchri Studio, The Hague with great institutional importance and audience reach.
>Biennale Le Latitudini dell’arte, Pulchri Studio


During the exhibition period, free low-threshold workshops for all ages take place, taught by the exhibiting artists whenever possible. Prior to each workshop, a guided tour of Breed Art Studios’ ongoing exhibition will be provided. Healthy homemade pizza and drinks will also be offered to participants. In this way we contribute to inclusiveness, social cohesion, friendship and well-being, because experience shows us that low-threshold activities can attract art lovers, but also people who are not familiar with contemporary art and its social and cultural value. Moreover, residents of Amsterdam-North often meet residents of other Amsterdam districts, which helps to learn about other realities, break down certain stereotypes and establish collaborations.

Name: Stichting Breed Art

IBAN: NL06 INGB 0007571926

Breed Art Foundation Amsterdam Logo
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