Call to Action for a World Without Weapons

A World Reimagined: Art for Peace

In a world shaped by the arms industry, stands for radical change. We envision a future where weapons are obsolete, replaced by a global focus on peace and cooperation.

Art as a Catalyst

We believe art transcends boundaries, sparking awareness and inspiring action. Through this open call, we invite artists to explore the theme of weapons as a commodity in today’s society.

Join the Movement

  • Concept: Dismantle the arms trade by rendering weapons unmarketable.
  • Project: Create an impactful exhibition of art posters advocating for a world without weapons.
  • Objectives: Raise awareness, promote dialogue, and empower citizens to support disarmament.

Unleash Your Creativity

  • Submit one original artwork
  • that reflects the theme.
  • High-resolution digital file required (300 dpi, 70x100cm, max 20mb).

Spread the Message

  • Selected works will be featured in a poster exhibition across Italian and European cities.
  • All submissions meeting the criteria will be showcased on the website.

Key Dates

  • Submission deadline: 30th May 2024
  • Jury selection announcement: 30th August 2024
  • Exhibition launch: September/October 2024 (Venice)

Join Us. Together, let’s create a future where peace prevails.

Submission: or online form at

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