Mustafa Sener | Susan Kooi | Mariëlle van den Bergh | Mels Dees: Futurarcheology


January 20 – March 10 – 2018
Curator Luca Rezzolla

Opening Exhibition

Saturday January 20 – 2018
5pm – 9pm
Live Broadcast perfomance 7 pm

What if archaeologists from the future later excavate objects from our time?

Search your answer in FUTURARCHEOLOGY, an exhibition between future and past with Bi and Tridimensional works of Mustafa Sener (TR/NL), Susan Kooi (NL), Mariëlle van den Bergh (NL) en Mels Dees (NL), curated by Luca Rezzolla.

The show, presented by Stichting Breed Art, 

will be on display at Breed Art Studios, Het laagt 178 Amsterdam-Noord from 20 January till 10 March 2018.
The opening will be on Saturday January 20 from 5pm till 9pm.  

FUTURARCHEOLOGY will be on display

until March 10 2018:
Thu – Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 18:00

Mustafa Sener

is an Amsterdam based artist with a Turkish background

His work is clearly inspired by the cradle of Eastern and Western culture.

Susan Kooi

travels to Italy, Portugal and Japan to work with different traditions of ceramic crafts

She seeks proof of use and the meaning of the object, both real and fictional during its lifetime and in the future.

Mels Dees and Mariëlle van den Bergh

share that interest and travel around the world

The experiences they gain from this are reflected in their work: sculptures, tapestries, photographs and paintings.
Mariëlle is currently working as artist-in-residence at the EKWC, European Ceramic Workcentre in Oisterwijk.


Photos & video Luca Rezzolla

The exhibiting artists will provide an additional contribution to the public by giving two workshops:

  1. February 17: Workshop “From far and closeby” takes place from 15.00 to 17.00 in Het Breedhuis (Het Breed 16). Local residents and visitors from all left-seasons are invited to come to Het Breedhuis with a dear object, where they will be photographed in front of different backgrounds by Mels Dees and Mariëlle van den Bergh.

Workshop van ver at Breed Art Studios

Photos Olga Tsjeremnych

Photos Mariëlle van den Bergh

2. March 10: Workshop “Clay Archeofuturistic sculptures with Mustafa and Susan” takes place from 15.00 to 17.00 in the living room of Breed Art Studios:WORKSHOP Archeofuturistische sculpturen at Breeed Art Studios

Photos Luca Rezzolla

In this workshop, accompanied by visual artists Mustafa Sener and Susan Kooi, we take on the challenge to imagine what people make in the future. We will clay our only collection of archeofuturistic sculptures, with DAS self-supporting clay, so that everyone can take his or her sculpture with them.

This creates an accessible opportunity to get in touch with the artist in question.
After each workshop, a guided tour of FUTUREARCHEOLOGY and a tasting of healthy homemade pizzas will be offered.

Breed Art is a contemporary art foundation devoted to an intense cultural activity of exhibitions and events programming focused on the presentation of prominent Dutch and international artists who stand out for their commitment to research, originality of expressive media and innovative attitude towards artistic production, installation and performance. 

Photos Franco Cavuoto | Olga Tsjeremnych

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