Margot Klein Tiessink | Harry van der Woud: REASSEMBLE

REASSEMBLE at Breed Art Studios

Breed Art Foundation presents:

Margot Klein Tiessink | Harry van der Woud

October 13 – November 17
Curated by Luca Rezzolla

Opening Saturday October 13

5 pm/9 pm

Upcoming Workshop Reassemble at Breed Art Studios

Workshop and Tour with Harry & Margot

Saturday November 10  3 pm

Open: Thu – Fri – Sat 12 pm/ 6 pm

REASSEMBLE is an ode to imagination, the oxygen for the soul.

Margot Klein Tiessink 

(Meppel, The Netherlands), graduated at Academy Minerva Groningen in 1991, lives and works in Amsterdam.                            
My work is a fusion of multiple images applied in layers, thus creating a particular two-dimensional image. It forms an analogy with today’s quantity of images in our daily lives. The driving force in my work is the desire for what was, is, and can be. Fiction as memory, memory as fiction. The material treatment and the colourful depiction generate a fabric feel, which is fascinating in the perception of the public. I capture time by means of photography; the photos form the basis of my paintings.”

Harry van der Woud

(Leeuwarden, The Netherlands), graduated at Academy Minerva Groningen in 1988, lives and works in Amsterdam.
Transformation instead of a pre-arranged options menu. To live rather than to be lived, to escape rather than to be locked inside a designer body, hoping to be accepted – by whom?
Image-building and identity seem to be determined by being watched and judged by The Other.
In order not to drown in other people’s projections, actions, hopes and influences, I have to make up my own truths and realities. Not only is this activity the starting point for all my plans and ideas – it can be revived and applied daily.”

Opening speech by PAUL SCHEERDER sr. (Municipality Amsterdam-Noord)

Photos & videos Luca Rezzolla

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