Esther Burger, Kitty Doomernik: MADONNE ED ALTRO

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Esther Burger, Kitty Doomernik: MADONNE ED ALTRO
10 Feb 2017Prolonged till Fri 24 Mar 2017
5-8 pm

Opening Exhibition

Friday 10th February 5 pm – 8 pm
The Artists will be present

Both artists’ work has common ground regarding the theme and the basic collage technique, but the development occurs essentially differently.

Esther Burger

works alternately in Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Gütersloh and Palermo. There and on the way she gathers material for her collages. The use of acrylic and silicone results in a play of light and deformation, that allows her work to change depending on the position of the viewer.

The high degree of ambivalence,

which today characterises the role of women in visual arts, is for Kitty Doomernik an important source of inspiration. The discrepancy between her identity as woman and artist and the way she sees herself and others forms the engine of her work.

@ 18:30 Live broadcast with performance by Kitty Doomernik


Photos & video Luca Rezzolla

Till Sat 24 March 2017
Thu – Fri – Sat: 1 pm – 6 pm & by appointment

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