Marble in Art: MATTER MATTERS! Affiliati Peducci Savini | Jean Philippe Paumier

Matter MATTERS! at Breed Art Studios

Breed Art foundation proudly presents:

MATTER MATTERS! at Breed Art Studios Poster
March 17 –  April 27 2018
Curator Luca Rezzolla

Opening exhibition

Saturday March 17 2018
5 pm – 9 pm

Live broadcast from 7 PM

Upcoming Maak je eigen zeep! Breed Art StudiosFree Workshop: how to make soap from scratch

‘Make your own soap’ with Jean Philippe Paumier
Saturday March 31
14:30 – 16:30       
Het Breedhuis
– Het Breed 16 1025KD Amsterdam

Photos Luca Rezzolla

Matter Matters! will present artworks that explore dynamic borders in the relationship between artist/matter/shape

and will show how a common interest for ancient techniques around matter manipulation can produce different aesthetic results in de-contextualizing objects and materials. The site-specific soap art installation by the French Amsterdam based artist Jean Philippe Paumier will surround the innovative Carrara marble sculptures of the Italian artist duo Affiliati Peducci Savini, exhibiting for the first time in the Netherlands. Soap and metal, marble and electrodes will fill up the space of Breed Art Studios’ white cube. Jean Philippe will ask the visitors to touch his minimal pop installation with wet hands, meanwhile, Matteo and Mattia will show some works in which sculpture becomes science.

Jean Philippe Paumier

develops an object-based consideration on the singularity of consumer products into the field of contemporary art. The negation of the use-value should allow one to consider the primary qualities of one given object: form, colour, texture…By distancing oneself from its practical aspect, one could possibly pay more attention to its poetical content and subtle eloquence. Contemporary art often questions mass production and consumerism in terms of radical sociological criticism. Paumier’s work proposes to examine the object at another level, and establish a more intuitive contact with it. Breaking object’s obviousness should allow the viewer to refresh his look on it and give rise to new mental associations.

Affiliati Peducci Savini

are not just two artists, they represent a place, a former pink stone quarry where they live and work. Here, within the mountain, just behind the city of Assisi, there is a square scattered of white creatures, each connected to its own story and to all those people who consider the Affiliati a place of research and experimentation. A journey backwards aiming for a renewal, for a change of given notions, reaching out an effect of estrangement of the art work: Marble sculptures which bend to the lightness of cardboard, play on a record player, crumble like polystyrene, burn as pieces of wood, deforming as vacuum packed soft fabrics.

Jean Philippe Paumier

is born in Tours (France) in 1980. Graduated at the Art School of Rouen (Master of Arts) and at the University Paris1-Sorbonne (Bachelor in History of Art), he lives and works in Amsterdam.

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Matteo Peducci and Mattia Savini

met for the first time while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.

From 2007 to 2010 the sculptors were commissioned a major art project in Thailand to create three marble monuments: two for the sculpture park of Mahidol University and one in honor of Sirivannavari Nariratana, the Princess of Thailand. Their collaboration with the Galleria Rubin of Milan started in 2008 – parallel to the project in Thailand – and involved the two artists in numerous international exhibitions and art fairs such as the Kunst Zürich Art Fair and the Preview Berlin Art Fair

Since 2013 Matteo Peducci (born in Umbria in 1980) and Mattia Savini (born in Tuscany in 1982) have also been conducting electroplating research which has led to the development of their Electrosculpture method. In the same year they also moved their workshop from Carrara to Assisi. Realizing that together they possess a patrimony of traditional skills, the Affiliati artists started to lay the foundation for a sculpture school, aiming to pass forward to their students historic techniques and knowledge.

Since 2014 Affiliati have been collaborating closely with universities, engaging in research on geopolymer materials.

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Photos and video Luca Rezzolla

Workshop ‘Make your own soap’ at Het Breedhuis with Jean Philippe Paumier

Jean Philippe Paumier giving a guided tour of Matter Matters! to 9 yrs old students of Het Wespennest school

 Photos Luca Rezzolla and Nicole van Damme

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